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    When Hibs scored to go 2-0 up with only 10 minutes to go last night, the hearts fans started streaming out of Easter Road. Two years ago, with Hibs 2-0 down in the Scottish cup with 10 minutes to go, the Hibs fans stayed on supporting the team to roar them on to a creditable 2-2 draw and ultimately victory in the replay.

    That's the difference in class and how to support your team.

    Well done Hibees
    Complacency - thatís what we must guard against but I suspect like most rivalries weíll be seduced to an extent. We need to handle being other than the underdog. NL is guiding us through that.
    "We know the people who have invested so far are simple fans." Vladimir Romanov - Scotsman 10th December 2012
    "Romanov was like a breath of fresh air - laced with cyanide." Me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by VivaPalmeiras View Post
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    Did these share certificates ever see the light of day?

    Shame that... Mugs but what would you do?
    Well itís plain to see that the savvy cash injections were held back - perhaps a gamble that Vlad got wrong...
    The shares were issued by the new regime.

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