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Thread: Open Goal

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    Open Goal

    There’s an interview on YouTube by ex Celtic youth player Simon Ferry with Alan Stubbs on his channel Open Goal. Part 1 is 35 mins long and covers his spells with Bolton and his Celtic career before his cancer diagnosis. Part 2 will be up later today and is going to cover the rest of his Celtic career - and presumably his battle with cancer, Everton and the Hibees. Well worth a watch, and I’d recommend his other interviews that he’s done aswell - mostly with ex old firm players but they’re very funny.

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    Enjoyed that, and they've not even touched on Hibs yet.

    Can't stand that Simon Ferry's voice though.

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    That was very good - he's not forgotten that he doesn't like Warburton, either !

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    Thoroughly enjoyed Stubbsy's interviews!

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    Just had a look at Stubbsy's Wikipedia page and it's got us beating Falkirk 5-0 in the 2015 Cup semi.

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    All the open goal interviews are pretty decent IMP

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    He's a brilliant man and the best manager we've had in years and years. Humble, knowledge and delivered us the cup. Top bloke.

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    Had hoped for a wee bit more about Hibs but still a very good watch. An incredible guy.

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    Sounds like Jack Ross may be away to Barnsley. Wonder if Stubbs would be in line to replace him?


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