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    Anywhere good to sell framed Hibs shirts???

    Hi I have a framed signed Hibs top thatís currently at my folks house who are downsizing and I need to collect it. I just donít have the space in my house for it. I could keep it but it would just be put behind a wardrobe or something. Seems a waste.

    Itís a brown frame, and the luminous yellow Ďle coq sportifí shirt. McLeish was manager, sauzee, OíNeil, latapy and rest of team on it. (Unfortunately not got it yet so donít want to mislead with wrong names).

    Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions or if anyone would be interested in making a offer for it?

    I will be able to get pictures tomorrow and a full list of signatures.

    Thanks in advance. GGTTH

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    How much are you looking for?

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    could maybe try here http://www.hibs.net/forumdisplay.php?49-hib-Bay just a click away

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    Quote Originally Posted by RIP Bestie View Post
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    How much are you looking for?
    Hi about £150. Itís on gumtree for £200 if you want to look at the pics


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