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    Quote Originally Posted by JDHibs View Post
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    Nobodys opinion is final mate, its an opinion and everyone can have their own. Least you havent just dismissed what i said as rubbish with nothing to back it up. Happy to debate these things.

    Problem for Walker is Cathros teams were just shocking. But Levein completely leaves out the midfield, his form dived when Neilson left, Neilson played to Walkers strengths and got the rewards. Genuinely feel that if Walker was in our Hibs team he would be on fire with the chances he would get.

    Never going to know i suppose, glad hes gone as hes their most dangerous player and hopefully they dont replace him.
    Just keeping the debate going. They'll replace him alright but it'll be with more urinals, hot running water and getting some reliable electricity hooked up. That assumes they got enough money for him to do it.

    "I did not need any persuasion to play for such a great club, the Hibs result is still one of the first I look for"

    Sir Matt Busby

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    So, so far in this window we've been strengthened and they've been weakened. Pleasing.

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    Despite being a prolific driver and dirty wee ***** sometimes he's a decent player. Glad he's moved from hearts. In their team of hoofball merchants and cloggers he was one of the very very few who actually attempted to play some sort of football.
    Sir David Gray


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