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Do you think there is a concerted, Worldwide media effort to suppress news and evidence about it? Seems surprising that all the information is restricted to conspiracy sites and nowhere else.

I think it’s a case of confirmation bias to be quite honest. I’ve read many conspiracy theories, and even the most ridiculous ones can be composed well enough to make them believable - especially if you don’t study both sides, which a lot of conspiracy theorists don’t in my opinion.

I am not a structural engineer, or any type of scientist (outside a few years of uni education) so it’s impossible for me to say for certain one way or another which side is true, but the way the evidence stacks up, I know which story I believe.
It's not restricted to conspiracy sites though - and no I don't have all the answers. What I know is that there was never a criminal investigation into the crime of the millenium and that the official story we have been fed is so full of holes as to be laughable.

I certainly do not disbelieve the testimony of the firefighters who were actually there that there were multiple secondary explosions - this was buried and/or ignored by the NIST "investigation" ergo there WAS what amounts to a cover up. I can understand people finding it hard to swallow - took me years of visiting and revisiting the matter for the penny finally to drop.