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    Home brew

    Turned 39 last week, need something else in my life, I'm thinking home brew beer and cider, anyone dabbled in this?

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    Dont know its too dark in here
    Friend of mine is a guru, he fills a double garage with all the stuff.

    He is good pals with the guy that runs the home brew shop in Newington, he moved there from just off Easter Road a few years ago. That would be a good place to start.
    Space to let

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    I decided to give it a go in the summer. I've done five so far which have varied from going down the sink before even bottling to being reasonably good. The basics are fairly straight forward but its time consuming. I've had to go through a bit trial and error in using equipment, and making best use of the space available. I've yet to get a wort chiller or mash tun, but it does seem the more you invest the easier and more enjoyable the process is.

    its enjoyable but I'm still unsure if its worth the hassle, especially when guaranteed top quality beers are available for about a pound a bottle more than homebrew ones cost. I would definitely be at more often if I had more spare time though.
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