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    FLA - targeting us

    Saying in the record that the football lads alliance are targeting teams in Scotland, including ourselves for recruitment.


    I hope they get told to gtf. They claim they're not right wing but it's pretty obvious that they've got those that are.

    Will they be able to recruit from within our fans? Possibly. Sevco fans have already joined this mob. Hearts fans will follow suit. I would think they would target mainly young people who are disillusioned/confused with what they see in the media and on social media streams. They'll have the left over casuals joining in as well.

    Personally, I find it mental that anyone would even entertain this sort of *****.

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    Sounds like a nice bunch of lads. That's the downside of social media, it allows likeminded headbangers to connect.

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    It's another alt-right front. To be avoided at all costs.
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    Even if the guys at the top genuinely want to create a non racist, non sectarian group they are pissing in the wind. This type of thing is only going to attract one type.

    I watched footage of their recent demo and I'm not totally sure what the point of it was. To 'raise awareness' apparently but I think everyone is aware terrorism and religious extremism exists without a bunch of baldy guys in knock off Stone Island telling us. A few individuals had wreaths of poppies and were swinging them about above their head singing 'there's only one Lee Rigby', very respectful I thought.

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    Football Lads Alliance 😂...what a name 😂


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