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    FTAO ... The Yams Murrayfield new year derby thread.

    I cant be bothered to sign up to Jambo's Kickback in order to troll them ..... and I can usually laugh off the lies posted on there, but I've seen the lie quoted below repeated more than once on their 'derby at Murrayfield' thread and this post is for any Yams looking in !!!
    The Gorgie Gatsby
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    Posted Yesterday, 18:08

    "Hibs struggled to fill their allocation for the biggest Cup Final in their history"

    No we didn't ya Gorgie **** ......... In fact Hibs are better at selling out our final allocations than you are, never once failing to half fill or more than half fill Hampden depending on the opposition, over 40,000 against Livingston springs to mind ... in fact the last Edinburgh club to fail to sell out an allocation of cup final tickets was Hearts in the 2013 League cup final against St Mirren, whose chairman was on record raging because St Mirren weren't given more tickets when it was clear Hearts weren't going to sell out.

    Bunch o' lying barstewards the lot o' them.

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    In their desperation to play the 'big team' card, they tell bare faced lies, in order to convince themselves Hibs have fewer supporters. As you say, the facts don't bear out their claims. There was no struggle to sell out for the 2012 cup final; it's simply untrue. The two clubs have roughly the same size support, which really bruises their ego.

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    Interesting that they have not even finished their new stand and some of them want to play elsewhere already.

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    Up until about two seasons ago, the largest support of any club at Hampden since it's reconstruction was Hibs, with just over 38,000.

    For the Cup Final mentioned in the OP (presumably 2012), Hibs requested, and were given, extra tickets.

    Hibs also sold out our total allocation for the 2016 Cup Final.

    Hearts failed to sell out their allocation against St Mirren in their most recent League Cup Final. There was a slightly smaller overall attendance than that at the League Cup Final in 2016, but only because the Ross County support was so low, not because we couldn't sell tickets ourselves (we took 29,000)

    They just played a game at Murrayfield, with almost unlimited capacity for a larger crowd and very cheap prices, but they still had the roughly the same number of home fans as we had against Partick Thistle. They bleat on about the overral attendance, blissfully ignoring that there were nearly 8,000 in the away end.

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    Gatsby is quite apt for Tiny/Murrayfield: the illusion of success built on shady dealings and a bunch of detestable characters that ultimately ends in heartache all round.

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    **** them, a sound gubbing will pop them back into place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozyhibby View Post
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    Interesting that they have not even finished their new stand and some of them want to play elsewhere already.

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    Some of them are assuming that a 25000 crowd at Murrayfield = huge unsatisfied demand.

    They dont seem to understand that 25000 - 8000 Dons fans means that their "bring a mate for next to nothing" promotion was a failure.

    The biggest test of their drawing power will be their next "home" match v St Johnstone.


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