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    Woy will be out of work by next weekend 😁

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    Quote Originally Posted by NORTHERNHIBBY View Post
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    No doubt, but he is still a filler. At Birmingham he will be a one year plan
    Aaaaaaaand he's gone.

    But not the 14 signings though...
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    Interesting read this and I agree with most of the objective posts, as do most of the Palace fans I know. I'm a Palace season ticket holder these days as can't get to Hibs as much as I'd like so thought I'd add to this

    The whole appointment of FDB was a strange one given where we are. You can't give someone a Pulis/Pardew/Allerdyce team and no budget and expect them to play Ajax football. Palace have a limited budget but some good players that suit a completely different style of play. FDB should never have been employed in the first place but given we made the appointment he should have been given more time - especially given the improvement against Burnley (Huddersfield and Swansea games were SHOCKING though). The next 3 games are City, United and Chelski so we'll probably have 0 points after 8 games and we've played the new manager card already.

    A couple of other things to take in to account... the transfer window was a farce. We have one fit striker at the club and failed to sign one on deadline due to a technical error, amateur stuff. Also, alot of rumours coming from the club that the players all hated FDB, too many not to be true IMO.

    As for Roy, he's probably as good as we can hope for given the mess we're in. He's a decent enough manager who will hopefully have us a bit better organised. The fans are realistic and don't expect fancy football.

    I hope we stay up but wouldn't bet on it. It all feels a bit like Hibs under Butcher.


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