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Thread: Jon Jones

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    Jon Jones

    Couldn't find a UFC thread so thought I'd start an individual one.

    Jon Jones failed ANOTHER drugs test after his title fight with Daniel Cormier.

    Will surely now be stripped of his title and banned for life.

    I really don't have a lot of interest in UFC and this is partially why. Seems like there's a fair few of them at it with Lesnar currently banned as well.

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    Since USADA started testing the UFC there has been a couple guys flagged for things but nothing major i.e Jones first failed drugs test turned out to be from a sexual enhancement pill, similar to Anderson Silva.

    This fail however is apparently for a lean muscle gaining steroid which, if true, carries an initial 2 year ban which due to past offences could be doubled which I reckon would be the end of JJ as he'd be 33/34 trying to make a comeback.

    Really quite sad as many, myself included, class him as the most talented there's ever been in MMA but only himself to blame.
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    Jones is a total disgrace. Cormier was devastated after that defeat. Life ban forbJones what an awful bloke. A cheat and a criminal.


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