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    McGreagor v Mayweather fight


    Personally i'm quite looking forward to it, will be interesting to see how McGreagor handles it. Will be rooting for Mayweather though, cannot take to McGreagor at all and cannot understand the big lovin over him. Cocky, mouthy wee ***** and I totally get thats all part of the showmanship and just trying to drum up interest but I really can't take to him at all. A guy thats came from a very humble background, on the dole at one point and now apparently he's moaning that the pay-per-view charge for the fight isn't high enough and demanding absolutely crazy amounts of money. He'd to well to remember where he came from rather than all the greed.

    All about the for them though. We think footballers are greedy, these guys are demanding around $100m for 1 fight! Beggars belief.

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    Try the other sports forum.


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