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    Facebook post by a man called Mohammed Nishath Choudhury

    For the first time something like this has happened, I'm scared. Genuinely scared. I held the Mrs a little closer last night. What sort of world are we bringing our child into? I'm not even scared for me, but the wife and unborn child. She's the one that makes the trek into London every day. That last attack on Westminster was right outside where she works...

    I'm fed up of all this. I can understand people's anger and frustration. It's doubly upsetting for Muslims sometimes. We grieve for the events that occur and we have to accept the blame from some quarters.

    And we do. We do have to accept blame. Individually, we don't. As a 'community' we don't. (There is no single community as we all know)

    But, for too long we have allowed ourselves to be transformed into accepting this in our midsts. Asian communities have become 'Muslim' communities. We are no longer Pakistani or Bangladeshi. We are Muslim. You stay that nationalism is a sin. Yeah, fair play. But, we've lost our national identity at the cost of becoming 'more' Muslim.

    My Nan refuses to wear hijab. It's not Bengali, that's why. I NEVER saw a single hijab in Bangladesh until the 2000s. What happened to wearing saris and shalwar kameez? The reason why we've adopted this foreign, Arab, ideal is this fake piety. We've lost our old tolerance in the Islam we followed and adopted a different strain of Islam that we've always had.

    This insidious poison that is wahabbism has gradually spread since 1979. Saudi used the Afghan war to promoted their version of Islam. They funded schools, madrassas, Imams and Qurans. (Yes, they translated versions of the Quran to suit their agenda). Now, that is the dominant form of Sunni Islam. It's spread all over and seen itself be adopted in the three majority Muslim nations - Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    In people's insistence to appear more pious than the others, we've adopted foreign habits. The Hijab was first worn in Europe as a protest in France by Arab girls in schools in the 90s. It's not Muslim uniform. It's an Arab thing. We're not Arabs. Don't even get me started on the Niqab and Burqa. These are gulf Arab dresses that have been adopted by our people because they think that's the right thing to do. It's not. It's
    shirk - an innovation. While this is superficial, it symbolises this rush to apparent piety. It's all very new. All Muslim countries I've mentioned have had Muslim women Prime Ministers. Yet, now, apparently, they have to cover their hair.

    We're all upset about the downtrodden masses in the world. Palestine. Burma. Etc. Yet the founders of the Islam you purport to follow do nothing to stop this. NOTHING! Saudi could've easily solved these crises: they've chosen not to.

    This then radicalises idiots who follow this new Islam. Foreign wars are the gateway drug for these people. They see Muslims die and the West take part or acquiesce. They've been brought up in an environment where there's been soft radicalisation: first the ideology of wahabbist Islam in our daily lives; then the drip feeding of antagonism from friends and family to society and the world. All of us at one time or another, ALL OF US, have been told of how 'they' are out to get us. This culture of victimhood has bred these people. When they then become losers in life, they see that the only way out is to become a martyr. It's easy for them. They have nothing to live for, but the slow drip-drip of poison over the years has made them believe that the only redemption is to kill in the name of religion.

    And it is religion. Not the religion that we saw back in the day. But, the religion WE HAVE ALLOWED TO TAKE HOLD AMONGST US.

    I have personally heard extreme khutbahs at mosques. Why was nothing done? When boys become more pious we celebrate rather than ask why. When girls adopt hijab why have they not been told that it's alien to our culture? We might not be to blame on an individual level, but our acceptance of things has to stop. We need to challenge the roots of our behaviour.

    Now we are all accepting the finger of blame because we must. We cannot allow our cities to become war zones. We need to eradicate the cancer in our midsts. We need to challenge the radicalisation at mosques; we need to abandon Wahhabism and revert back to our liberal strains; we need to have anti-radicalisation messages happen at every mosque up and down the country. I don't care if it makes us look like grasses: too many have died where we live. The victims are Our neighbours; Not in some far away land we don't know; Our neighbours have died.

    We need to accept that they are Muslims doing this. Because only fellow Muslims can stop them. We need to abandon our victim mentality. It just breeds further hate in the weak-willed. We need to deal with it and stop deflecting blame.

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    Well said that man and has to be said a breath of fresh air. I have maintaned that only Muslims can call these people out and I'm so glad he has

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    Best thing I've read on the subject over the past few weeks.

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    Outstanding piece.

    It's ordinary Muslims like this man who I feel very sorry for. They clearly haven't asked for, or caused, any of this but it's inevitable that the extremists on the other end of the scale in this country will attempt to pin the blame for last night's atrocity on anyone who is Muslim. That is unfair.

    These people have murdered Muslims as well and their fellow ISIS members in Syria and Iraq have murdered more Muslims than members of any other faith.

    In saying that, it is the responsible, moderate members of our Muslim community who stand the best chance of flushing out these people and trying to get those who have expressed extremist views back onto the straight and narrow. This man talks about extremist preaching happening in mosques up and down the country. That has to be one of the first things that is tackled and that will only happen if the moderate people who attend these mosques report their concerns to the authorities.

    Too often we have pussyfooted around this issue and tried not to mention the Muslim community for fear of suggesting that they are all somehow to blame. It is not blaming the Muslim community by saying that we are looking for them to take a stand and say that we are relying on the vast majority of moderate Muslims who abhor terrorism to report anything suspicious in mosques or Muslim schools. It simply makes sense and I'm glad this man thinks so too.


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    Superb piece. I recommend "The Looming Tower Al-qaeda's Road to 9/11" by Lawrence Wright if anyone is looking to get a handle on the historical rise of Muslim fundamentalism. The seeds were there before 1979. Daesh have taken it a step further of course.

    If we want to start tackling this at home then no more mosques should be allowed to be opened if paid for by gulf state money. Those that have been should be scrutinised closely if they're not being already.
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    Brilliant post, Hibbyradge. Informative and enlightening.

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    Very interesting read.

    Im not religious, and so ive been trying to relate to what i personally, woyld feel was my responsibility if there was a problem with scottish extremist violence, or even Hibs extremist violence - would i be confortable being profiled, being subject to extra measures, being judged as guilty by association?

    Its not an easy question to answer


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