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    @hibs.net private member Iggy Pope's Avatar
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    Official Club Programme Binders in Bulk

    Was in the Clubstore today and asked the eternal question about whether Programme binders would ever be made available again.

    The bloke in the shop was very positive and suggested that the new franchise might be responsive if they knew of enough interest.

    I realise we only have a limited number of posters on here but how many of us would be interested in multiple binders on a pre-order?
    I said I'd get back to him if there was any interest.

    The last binders they sold were A5 in dark green vinyl with a gold club crest on the spine and cover and an internal pocket that up until 16/17 would have held a season worth. For 16/17 you'd probably need two. Earlier seasons, 60s, 70s, 80s could have doubled up into a single binder if you wanted to be economical.
    As I recall they sold at about 12 a pop but once they were gone, they were gone for good and I wish I'd bought more. I'd like to think bulk orders would come in a bit cheaper.

    Any interest?

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    @hibs.net private member SteveHFC's Avatar
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    Would be interested if the club shop sold them.
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    @hibs.net private member hibeg's Avatar
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    I would be interested Iggy but only for Europeans, friendlies etc. Would only need a few

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    @hibs.net private member Bobo's Avatar
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    Iv'e got about 65 seasons of programmes so would cost a fair bit to do them all but I would maybe be interested buying a few depending on quality and price?
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    @hibs.net private member ano hibby's Avatar
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    I'd be interested too.
    The quality would have to be decent, at least the same standard as the club issued ones you mention.
    Would need to think a bit more about numbers but I'd be thinking post 1990 home & away, (at least) 2 a season would add to a reasonable number, less the ones I have in the folders you mention. Guessing 30- 50 I'd need. Potential to be more depending on quality etc.

    I'm not sure how many you get on a pre-order but I think selling them in the shop & having the program sellers advertise them in the street might rekindle a wee bit interest in collecting.

    As an aside I went through to the Glasgow bookbinder mentioned in the other thread. He gave me a quote which came in at 20 but that was for a more bespoke binder with 1 sleeve per programme and it was for a high volume order. haven't got back to him. Quality of operation seemed good though.
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    @hibs.net private member EL Green's Avatar
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    I would be interested too but as already mentioned the quality would need to be good. I'm in the same boat as ano hibby, would be looking at around 40/50 binders.


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