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Thread: The Universe

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    Quote Originally Posted by lord bunberry View Post
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    The thing I love most about this subject is that the possibilities are almost endless.
    To infinity and beyond
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    Quote Originally Posted by northstandhibby View Post
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    I was reading a little bit here and there and of a theory that makes some sense of an infinite expansion causing the universe to become so dense it would crush objects to smithereens.

    I thought of an analogy consisting of a very fizzy bottle of coca cola, shaking it very hard and then opening it (big bang). Once the gas and energy has disappeared from it you're left with a dead liquid.

    Our universe is a bit like a fizzy bottle of coke full of gaseous compounds and atomic energy. Maybe the experts are surmising a dead universe devoid of the gas and atomic energy that's ever so very slowly being lost and expanding into the outer fields which is absorbing our gas and energy whereby our universe ultimately ends up like a dead dense bottle of coca cola.

    its a theory?

    glory glory
    That's roughly how I understand it as well. Once all the energy runs out, we're left with a cold universe. As humans we feel the need to think of everything having a beginning and an end, but maybe some things never end, they just keep going even when nothing is really happening anymore. In this subject I think it's helpful to try and put aside what we consider as normal when trying to theorise.

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    Worth a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart-farquhar View Post
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    Worth a look.
    Your'e link doesn't work and i'd be interested to read what you're trying to post. Any chance of paraphrasing it if link has been removed or faulty?


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