I thought this might be of interest to .netters.

I'm decorating just now and stripped wallpaper down to the plaster and I came across some info written on the wall from 1969.

Car Tax was 25
Concorde had just finished test flights
Harold Wilson was PM
3 American Astronauts had orbited the moon
20 cigarettes were 5/2d (27p)
Petrol was 6/6d (35p) a gallon
Pint of beer was 2/1d (11p)
Whisky 61/- a bottle (3 10p)

in 1991, the last time the wallpaper was stripped by myself, I updated it a bit

Car Tax 100
Margaret Thatcher was epode as leader of the Tories
Petrol 2.33 a gallon
Pint of beer 1.40
Edradour Malt whisky 21.50
Motherwell 4 Dundee Utd 3 Scottish Cup Final

I will be updating things again, especially the last one