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    Maywether vs McGregor

    Is this really a thing? And if so what is it? A mma or a boxing matchl

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    think it would be a boxing match, mayweather wouldnt want to ruin his reputation and if its mma then there is a big chance of that happening, not sure it will go ahead though

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    Mayweather has told mcgregor to sort out his issues with Dana Carter at ufc. Get the contract signed and get it in the ring its a boxing match

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    I don't really understand all the politics behind all the negotiations - but if they ever get it on my money is on Big Daz to knock Mayweather spark oot!!

    Oooh oooh oooh Darren McGregor 🎶🎶🎶🎶

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    Fingers crossed for a double ko.
    Both of them are absolutely helmets.

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    Couldn't see McGregor landing a glove on him in a boxing match to be honest. Unless Mayweather has seriously regressed since retiring. It would be much more interesting if they had a boxing match using MMA gloves. A full on boxing match will be a stroll in the park for Mayweather, an MMA match would see Mayweather knocked out within seconds.

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    Mayweather has beaten Pacquiao, Castillo, Cotto, Maidana, Marquez, De La Hoya, Alvarez, Guererro, Mosley, Hatton, Judah, Gatti, Chavez, Coralles, Hernandez.......in a boxing ring. Some of the best and/or toughest boxers of their generation.

    Of that list about 2 got close to beating him. He is one of the best defensive technicians of all time and sits up there with the greats. His hand speed is electric, his footwork superb, his reflexes lightning fast, the only thing he lacks in later years is that KO power due to years of hand injuries.

    Conor McGreggor is a good boxer by MMA standards but hasn't even been in a ring with a top 50 fighter never mind the best fighter of a generation. It's a mismatch and about nothing more than money. Unless Mayweather has regressed beyond all recognition in 18 months or so then it's an easy nights work for him.
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