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Aye, it's not too clever but to say its on the same level as the Torys record breaking fine and something like 30 MPs about to have their doors knocked on by Inspector Knacker of the Yard it's perhaps pushing it a bit to suggest there's proportionately more rotten in the SNP.

There's also a long history of MPs from all parties bothering the courts upto and including spending time at Her Majestys pleasure. Not an accusation that can be made of the SNP yet, although as they have only recently become a significant party at Westminster I dare say there's time yet.
It was based on crude numbers - tories will habe ten times as many candidates as the SNP, therefore proportionately thats not far off.

I take your point, and im not trying to defend the tories (or any orher party), im just trying to argue that the SNPs holier than thou attitude is a bit misplaced.