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Thread: Katie Hopkins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hibbyradge View Post
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    Are they poor?
    They claimed to be, that's how the first book started. Perhaps their poverty was relative to their upbringing,,,,

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    Vile woman who makes a living from spouting her hate-filled and bigoted views. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but its like she goes out of her way to be as controversial as possible. As horrible as she is, I actually don't think she means some of the things she says, she just wants to say things that will provoke the most reaction to get herself into the spot light. Best thing would be for the media to blank her and stop giving her the attention she so badly craves.

    I cringe when I listen to her. So far up her own arse and a witch that for some reason believes she is better than everyone else.
    Sir David Gray


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