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Thread: Buying a car

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hibbyradge View Post
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    I thought you were talking 38k not 38000 miles.

    I actually thought the same thing when I read it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northernhibee View Post
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    That would be more likely down to Vauxhall rather than A/Cs. Should have been picked up during an inspection when the car came off the transporter though.

    I personally would prefer to spend extra for a car through a franchise dealer that's had to meet brand standards for a used car than a non franchise that can run to their own standard. Having approved parts fitted by a certified technician is an option I'd far rather take.
    I know. Still found it funny though and it's always been at the back of my mind when driving past Arnold Clarks.

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    The new Leon if diesel will be the CR TDI which is a great engine much better than the old PD engine but 30/40k between servicing on any engine is beyond the limits!

    If a fleet vehicle these are normally serviced at intervals bit unusual they've not had anything ticked off in the service book.

    Arnold Clark can be a decent dealer to buy from but make sure you go over the car first and don't be pressured into anything.

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    Can we link this thread to post #36 on the Jane Park thread?


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