A lot of us seem to be in the same boat, recognising the weights creeping on and we're perhaps not the healthiest but at least realising and wanting to do something about it. I piled a few stone on after I had issues with shin splints, stopped walking everywhere and started eating rubbish, went from 9 and a half stone and very lean to almost 14 stone with a fat-pack in 6 months! Took up cycling a few years ago and really hammered it last year, with that, stopping drinking, not eating so much rubbish the weight fell off me and I dropped back down to 11 stone within a few months.

I find it quite easy to cut weight but also seem to fall into a bit of a trough sometimes when the motivation escapes me during the winter. There's a cycling app called Zwift where you can ride up and down imaginary mountains from the comfort of your own home so that's this winters salvation hopefully! Thinking of investing into some cheap home gym equipment and trying to make exercising every day a habit.