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    Quote Originally Posted by where'stheslope View Post
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    It was a big ground with a capacity of around 50,000.
    And like other grounds was gradually shrunk down to about 11,000 with seating.
    Always a good atmosphere in the ground, but like most other grounds needed to much work done and being near the centre of Paisley it was sellable!
    With the new stadium nearer to the airport, its like the fans have to travel a bit further, so not bothering to go!
    the new travel distance cant really be a problem, surely. not really far from Love Street. big main road goes past it, and has an interesting low railway bridge, of which I am sure the 4 in Hand bus boys can let you know more about

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    Stepped into more than 1 Saints pub in the past and their fans never cease to annoy by calling everyone, including us, "Buddy". Why? It might be their nickname but it's just stupid.

    Tatty bye now 👋

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waxy View Post
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    Alberts second goal was Messi like.
    Messi dreams of scoring a goal like that.
    21.05.2016. I Was There.

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