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Thread: Berlin

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    Hi Folks

    My wife and I thinking of going on a 3 night break in May. Anyone been?

    What city would you liken it too?


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    Get yourself up the tv tower for an hour or two, I've got a strange addiction to visiting tv towers throughout Europe, I tend to keep it to the ones with bars though.

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    Berlin is a fantastic city, would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

    Do one of the walking tours on offer, you can book online in advance. Great way to see a few sites in a couple of hours whilst getting a good bit history on the way.

    Myself and my girlfriend were there in September. We stayed on Kastanienallee which was great for transport and had a huge number of places to eat and drink. The Prater Garten being on the doorstep was nice as well.
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    Would recomend a walk in https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiergarten,_Berlin
    Also a trip to https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/DDR MUSEUM
    We also took a boat trip which took in a lot of history plus it serves beer 😀

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    There's a thread on Berlin on the Holy Ground as well, consensus seems to be it's a great place to go. In terms of what to do, the city tour is alright, as is the TV tower and watching Union Berlin is good if the missus will sign it off. It's a good city to go out and eat/drink in, for me that was the highlight. There's also loads of museums but I was there with mates so missed that side of it. Think there's a couple of guys on here that live in Germany so hopefully they'll read this and give some insider knowledge.

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    My wife and I were there several years ago and loved it. There's so much to see and do, depending on your interests. We were particularly into the war history scene but there's loads for all tastes. Berlin was actually featured on Rick Stein's Long Weekend programme recently ......... worth looking at on catchup.

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    I was fortunate to get a meeting there last January. We wangled an invite to the opening ceremony and reception for International Green Week. Be back there again in two weeks for a repeat. Had a few hours spare and a local for personalised tours. Excellent city can't wait to go back.

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