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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyM_1875 View Post
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    I would expect any appeal to be given short shrift.
    A fascist neo nazi inspired terrorist attacked a 5 foot tall mother of two, shooting her twice and then stabbing her more than 15 times.
    Quote Originally Posted by SiMar View Post
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    Find it difficult to believe you can appeal a sentence because you weren't given the opportunity to speak before sentencing when as the judge has already clarified the defendant has been given ample opportunity throughout the trial.

    You can't just appeal because you want to, you have to demonstrate that there are grounds for appeal.

    Anyway I agree even if it is appealed I can't see any judge giving it much air time...sometimes the justice system needs to be seen to be delivering justice and this case is definitely one of those occasions.
    You can appeal against sentence and/or conviction. The two processes are separate, albeit they are sometimes immediately consecutive. Just because someone doesn't want to say something which may affect whether or not they are convicted, doesn't mean they don't want to say something which may affect the sentence imposed if they are convicted.

    Don't get me wrong, this guy was clearly going to use the opportunity for some sort of grandstanding and the Judge probably wanted to spare the family having to be subjected to that. However, in doing so, he may inadvertently prolonged their suffering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scouse Hibee View Post
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    So after following the rules of the justice system you get into court and then can be presumed guilty because you are silent. Absolutely not, the prosecution have to prove you're guilty beyond reasonable doubt. To suggest you can just be presumed guilty is laughable.
    Presumed guilty because you are not prepared to defend the charge. The evidence is there to get you to court in the first place. Evidence reviewed by a judge/ jury before sentencing. IMO if you dont plead innocent then you are surely guilty. You don't deserve a trial as such IMO so laugh away. In what circumstances would an innocent person charged with something chose not to plead innocence and remain silent in the dock?
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