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    The future of politics?

    I really like this approach. Not sure how feasible it is all the time, but forming alliances makes sense to me. Or am I just a 'liberal lefty'

    Scotland can be a beacon, within these islands and beyond, for a socially just and sustainable society. Whilst there are many priorities which will require independence, there is also much that can and must be done now by the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government.

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    It's always good to see one party acknowledging another for doing a good job of something. It seems the main parties agree on 80% (guessing here) of issues so I always think they should do this a bit more. UKIP backed a pro-Brexit Tory candidate a couple weeks ago as well.

    Zac Goldsmith always strongly opposed the third runway, which, as well as being a Tory, made him quite popular. However Richmond voted remain and the opposition are trying to turn this in to the main issue. I suspect people will care more about more planes flying over their house but you never know.


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