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    Borlands darts shop - Leith Walk

    Does anyone know if this shop is still open for business?

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    Was open when I walked past the other day, love that shop, where else can you get darts, a snooker cue and a made to measure electrical wire for your house haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by chlub Hibernian View Post
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    Does anyone know if this shop is still open for business?
    It is closing/has closed. They were advertising an everything must go sale (fixture and fittings, the lot) a couple of weeks back on Facebook.

    Ignore that - I've confused it with the Leith Athletics LTD Shop
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    Still open, I bought a set of darts there last week.

    As said above Leith Athletics is closing, some of the pictures of the sale on Facebook made it look well worth a visit for nostalgia purposes.


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