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    Aleppo, what's changed?

    Seems like the media have again taken up wall to wall coverage of not only the on-going situation in Aleppo but also the refugee crisis. We've had weeks/months of minimum coverage on this despite the continuing crisis but now it seems it's become the top story again. Why are the media again taking an intense interest? My conspiracy theory antenna is on overdrive.

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    The US is trying to protect their rebel proxies trapped in Aleppo.


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    I don't pretend to understand the complexities of all the factions and who funds/supports them but what I do understand is that innocent children are being killed while the superpowers engage in a childish display of oneupmanship diplomacy.

    Last week I watched the teatime news on ITV and every day there was stories of more kids dying and being badly injured. One wee soul was badly hurt after he picked up a bomb, thinking it was a toy. He died a couple of days later. I don't mind admitting I was moved to tears a number of times.

    I don't know what the answer is but I hope it comes soon
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