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    Dont know its too dark in here

    Instagram and Twitter

    My turn ☺

    I'm on both but ...

    Can someone tell me what the point of Instagram is?

    OK folk stick up photos but they then instantly appear on pussbook! Just stick them there to start with!

    I keep on getting notifications that some exotic scantily clad girl from far away shores is following me but her account is always locked. Nah I never have, I dread to think!

    Twitter isn't bad. I rarely post but getting updates on the games from Hibs official account, better and quicker than any other platforms is great. Even when you're there (I've got a smart watch so I don't have to get my phone out) it's settled 'discussions' when it's not been clear what's happened.

    Instagram 0 : Twitter 1

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    Twitter is my favorite out of that, Instagram, and Facebook.
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