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    Maria Lyle Paralympian

    A short time ago in the beautiful morning sun in Rio, Maria Lyle from Dunbar won bronze medal in the womens 200m. Maria is 16 years old.

    She came 3rd behind Isis Holt of Australia and the Chinese winner whose name I lost in the excitement.

    Maria did a lap of honour, alone, round the stadium with a union jack. She looked so joyous, proud and overwhelmed. I don't know her, but I had tears in my eyes as she passed me. She saw me waving my Scotland flag and gave me the thumbs up and a beaming smile.

    Is anyone watching?

    I'm loathe to say it but this event beats any experience I ever had watching Hibs.

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    Just watched the highlights show and saw the race. She was totally stoked. Good on her

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    Left by mutual consent!
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    Jun 2016
    Thanks for your reply wpj.

    Silly time to post this thread with that question, the same time as the almighty cabbage were playing. Haha.

    Joyous occasion for the girl. Stupendous. Life is beautiful.


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