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    Our bus stopped off at a bowling club for a light refreshment before the game. I'd had a bet on the previous night so checked my phone to see if it had won. It had and the new amount in my account was £333.33. My late mother, a lifelong Hibs fan from Redbraes was born on the 3rd of March 1933, not quite the same as £333.33 but close enough. Now I know everyone looks for their own sign that this was going to be Hibs' year but this HAD to be the ultimate one. I showed my wife, brother and rest of the family and have to say I had to go outside as I got a bit emotional. I managed to get my act together helped by a few medicinal vodkas and we made our way to the game. As we walked up the stairs I thought I'd just go for a pee before the game started. Walked out from the loo to the back row where our seats were just in time to see a ball at the far end roll into the net! The crowd erupted and after a couple of seconds it dawned on me what had happened and I was off again. I sat outside the back of the stand for the next 5 minutes trying to take it in. I hadn't even seen any of my friends or family. When I got back in to my seat, and even when we went behind, there was a different feeling to previous Finals. There was a belief in the supporters. When Stokes scored the equaliser, for the next 10 minutes my wife repeated over and over 3 3 33!....3 3 33!....3 3 33! The people around her must have thought she was mental, but we knew what she was doing. After Sir David's winner she doubled her efforts until the whistle blew signalling a famous victory. We cried then, and there's a tear in my eye even now.
    Crying myself. Prone to such behaviour myself. Life as a Hibs fans does the strangest things to you.

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    I took my 13 year old daughter, it was her first Scottish cup final, although not her first seeing Hibs at Hampden. The first time she ever watched a Hibs game with me was on the tv back in 2007, although she doesn't really remember. Walking up to the ground she asked me what I thought the score would be and I said without a thought, "3-2 for Hibs, in fact I'm putting a bet on for that!" Opened up my SB app and with my last £3 placed the bet.
    Skip to 88 mins and my nerves are being ripped apart, cash out had dropped from £40 to £12 and I'm thinking this is going all the way, cash out now... I did... Talk about bitter sweet, no sooner had I put my phone away... Henderson to deliverrrrr... The rest is history...I was the only person in green the that screamed FAAAAAACK when the ball hit the net 😖
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    Is the book idea that was mooted at the start of this thread going anywhere?

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    Yeah ok


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