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    Ulster vs Edinburgh - Heineken Cup semi final

    Surprised - as this is the rugby equivalent of Hearts/Hibs getting to the CL semi final - that there's not a thread on this already.

    Great game, Edinburgh not aided by some grizzly refereeing (a stick-on yellow right before half time not given) are behind 13-9.

    I do have a sinking feeling that Edinburgh will replicate the national team today - play well, but handle the ball like a hot potato in the last 10-15 metres, where it really counts.

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    listened to the 1st half on the radio, they suggested the ulster guy really should have got a red instead of the sin bin for 10

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    It was a yellow for Terreblanche and nothing more - not a lot of force used but it's the intent which gets punished. Did think that Ferris should have got ten minutes though.

    Edinburgh came damned close to making the final, but as lyonhibs predicted though they let themselves down with silly errors (eg Ford with the squint throw to Blair, who was being watched by an Ulster player).

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    Quote Originally Posted by cabbageandribs1875 View Post
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    listened to the 1st half on the radio, they suggested the ulster guy really should have got a red instead of the sin bin for 10
    Was that Peter Wright? He's the most biased man in the world - it's always the referee's fault where he's conerned.

    I thought it was a soft yellow but Ferris should've been binned for his offence. The ball was out of the scrum on their try as well but the Edinburgh team have only got themselves to blame - silly mistakes and basic errors by experienced guys.

    The scrum got a shafting again - looks like Jacobsen's race has been run (I'm not convinced he's ever been good enough to be an international player). Just a pity there's next to no competition for his place or for any of the front-row positions - lack of competition is the reason for players like him ending up with so many caps.

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    Myself and my old boy had 110 @ EVS on Ulster -7pts, what a boot in the hee haws that last minute try was! Watched the 2nd half in a boozer off of Brick Lane, they couldnae understand why 2 Jocks were so hacked off when Edinburgh scored!


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