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    Jambos Bowled Over

    This is not a joke but actual conversation. It maybe should have been posted on the Other Sports threads but thought I would share it with everyone.

    Our Bowling Club, Northern, had our annual Friendly match with Dunfermline Bowling Club arranged for the same day as the cup final, an away match for us this year so a bus was required for the day for the Northern boys. I pointed out to our committee that they might want to re-arrange the game or cancel altogether given the clash of dates and the following is events that followed.

    I will change names to protect the innocent and guilty

    Last night Allan called Dunfy and cancelled the match. They were very understanding so no problem there. He then called the bus company and told them. They were equally understanding.

    Allan then said that Alex would take the coach on for the cup final if that was ok.

    The coach operator asked 'Hibs or Hearts?' Hearts replied Allan.

    "Nae Jambo's oan ma bus" came the reply!

    Big smiles from assembled company!!

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    Ha ha brilliant!

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