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  1. Marciano

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    Outstanding save at 1-0 today, a goal for them at that point could have totally changed the game.
    The save at 1-0 was top class and will be included in his next YouTube video. I've had my doubts but moments like that are why you watch football. Pure class.
  2. My Hibs Blog

    Hibs went into Saturday's game against what could be considered their bogey team, Falkirk (Hibs had not beaten Falkirk in four attempts prior to their win on Saturday), in pole position for second place.
    The previous weekends victory against Alloa had left Hibs in a position where they could afford to lose, so long as Rangers didn't win at Tynecastle. Hibernian's superior goal difference effectively giving them a two point advantage over the Glasgow side. A draw would only be enough for Rangers ...
  3. Apologies

    I've ruffled a few feathers with my blog so it's been taken down for a second time. The first time a user thought he would use my mental health against me, the second time a poster I know well had another pop at me.

    My intention was to share my experiences and try and improve NHS services which in Northern Ireland and the south of Scotland are a shambles. No offence, hurt or extremity was meant by this and to any readers who felt that way I sincerely apologise.


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  4. I've started an actual blog

    Didn't expect so many .netters to log on to it, thank you to most of you that did :)

    I do not however wish to become more unpopular on this site than I already am so you'll need to google search for it. McIntosh will be most pleased I'm sure.

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  5. If Scotland votes no...

    In a weeks time if there is a No vote in the Scottish referendum I hope fellow republicans will turn attention towards the possibility of a border poll in Ireland come 2016.
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