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  1. Going to the World

    Going to the World
    JUNE 14, 2010

    I went to the World Cup in 1966. I was 14 and it was no big deal, at least, not in todayís terms. A friend and I sent away for tickets for three games at Evertonís Goodison Park. They arrived in the post and we were all set.

    Getting there was easy too. A short walk to the local station in the Southport suburb of Birkdale, and then a 25 minute train journey.

    As a Scot living in England, and in those pre-digital ...
  2. Site Update: TapaTalk 1.2.0

    Today we've updated the TapaTalk plug-in that runs on the site.

    There were a few bugs with the initial vBulletin4 release but these should be addressed in this latest version.

    In addition, the latest app for the iPhone has been released which (amongst many fixes and UI enhancements) allows the screen to rotate to landscape mode.

    I don't have and Android phone or iPhone to play with but it's thoroughly recommended. We currently have 55 users who view the ...
  3. vBulletin4: Issues with older Web Browsers

    There have been a few queries since we upgraded the site to use the newest version of the forum software, vBulletin 4.

    These issues mainly revolve around how the board is styled - most notably with older browsers and Internet Explorer 8 Compatability View.

    Below are some screenshots to show you the differences.
    With older version of Firefox, Internet Explorer and IE8 Compatability View, the site can look like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. It's all gone back to front........

    Itís probably redundant to say that when sports news transfers from back page to front page, things are not good. Well, thereís been a bellyful of that kind of caper over the past month or so and it makes any sports fan question their commitment, and indeed, the reasons why sport is important to them.

    While most sports fans are reasonably measured in their addiction, there are those, of course, for whom sport is an unhealthy obsession: children called after complete football teams, ...
  5. wots the difference...

    ..between a blog and a post? is a blog for the free spirited unstuctured kinda folk, the kinda quiet who don't mind if no one is listening folk or those that imagine the world is listening?

    I dunno either but I see some of my cartoons have made it to the new board including the big surf or was that for some, a big smurf?

    course i can't see them due to some glitch but I'm probably in good company with all those who never read beyond the forums
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