View Full Version : Poker Books on Strategy etc

06-02-2013, 01:32 PM
Started playing poker again after a long hiatus, I used to win/cash at the final table at the odd MTT and done not too bad out of it for pocket money, then the rooms I used started getting rubbish and quiet, plus finances meant i just gave it up.

Anyway, I started a pokerstars account and I've given myself a goal of making enough money for a family holiday next year, and man am I finding it tough! Admittedly I've only played a handful of tournies so far but I'm busting out before i've had the chance to play 50-100 hands. Forgot how hard it was to battle my own inner impatience and play it tight when needed. I've started a free trial with pokertracker to see if that helps.

I never really read anything on theory and strategy as I tend to calculate my own odds as I go, keeping notes on players at the table, how many hands they play etc, are they playing loose, tight, that kinda thing, i'm sure that'll return in time but does anyone know of any poker bibles so to speak, anything that is essential reading for improving your overall game?