View Full Version : PL Darts wk 4

01-03-2012, 08:48 PM
Wade 8 Painter 6
Barney 8 Hamilton 6

Good nights darts so far.
Still to play

Whitlock v Taylor
Anderson v Lewis

01-03-2012, 10:04 PM
Taylor 8 Whitlock 4, Taylor with the 2nd highest ever average for a televised match of 117 and a bit!

01-03-2012, 10:09 PM
Anderson hammers Lewis 8 1, nice darts Gary!

01-03-2012, 11:25 PM
Ocht I had the 4 results on my coupon at odds of 4.86 but forgot to put it on. That'll teach me.

Was glad that Painter got beat (as much as I'm not fan of Wade) but it looks like I'll have to watch a rerun of the Taylor match - that average sounds unreal!

02-03-2012, 12:38 AM
The standard of check outs all night was very high, probably the best week of the PL ever for doubles stats i would think.

02-03-2012, 09:37 AM
Anderson was brilliant (and on his doubles too) but Lewis was as poor as he can possibly play. Don't know what was wrong with him, but he threw some real pub darts.

Taylor is looking awesome right now. His scoring and finishing (80% last night) makes him more or less unbeatable and I can't see Anderson stopping his progress next week.

14-03-2012, 11:26 AM
It appears that Lewis has lost the plot at the moment, don't know whats wrong with him.

Pretty confident that Anderson will make the top four :agree: