View Full Version : Unwanted Christmas present.

03-01-2011, 03:49 PM
A publican who has a hospitality type season package at swinie and nae sense of humour gave me this as a Christmas gift [while at the same time drinking all the Becks I might add].

It is a beer of some sorts from Stewart Brewing. Described as ‘cloudy’ a possible reference to McLeody Street???
These are apparently given away free and give the undiscerning drinker an immediate air of superiority while at the same time wiping out all sorts of rational thinking.

Would anyone like to make me an offer?

Or maybe even a suggestion as to how this aleing memento could be used.

This offer is open to all Hibees over 18 years of age. Any bids made to properly dispose of this liquid are to purchase and not to come round to my place, drink all the other drink I have in the house then bugger off whilst laughing your heid aff and my misfortune for having such a tawdry piece of ‘football’ memorabilia.

Please drink responsibly, as a responsible drinker I couldn’t.

Lucius Apuleius
04-01-2011, 05:50 AM
That sir would give the most desperate, sook a turd through a sweaty sock, alkie, the boak never mind any sensible good living Hibby!!!!!