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Mrs. S
04-11-2010, 05:44 PM
My friends daughter is in a competition to be in a calendar with the proceeds going to the Help the Heroes fund (I think thats what its called, the money defo goes to injured soldiers) The website is Honeys for Heroes and I believe a calendar will be available soon. I am sure my teen boys will be delighted to receive one!

It means a lot to us in the village to raise funds. One of our local boys lost both his legs in Afghanistan earlier this year, it certainly makes what you see on the news a reality.

Danielle is currently second but needs more votes. Its a bit of a pain as you have to register but I am sure some of you men wouldn't mind a wee look at some of the girls :greengrin It wont be much of a task for you.

Sorry this is a bit like I dont know what I am doing, her mum just approched me in the playground today and quickly told me all about it so I said I thought you wonderful people would help :thumbsup:

Click on the calendar finalists then blondes


Gosh just looked the brunettes and a couple of the pics are a bit rude, please be aware if you suffer from heart problems or have young children about.