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08-04-2010, 10:29 AM
In May 2008, Stirlingalbion.com run a fundraising football match to bring in funds to help save the supporters club. I am glad to announce that this will be happening again at Forthbank Stadium on Saturday 22nd May, 3pm kick off to raise funds for the Stirling Albion supporters club.

This game is set up like a proper Stirling Albion game and you will hopefully be wearing the official kit.

So just to confirm, here is what you will get on the day for your bid-


1. A small tour of the stadium.
2. Team talk (optional from the managers) and stripped in the proper home and away changing rooms.
3. Roughyly 80 mins on the Forthbank pitch playing.
4. Game will have a ref and 2 linesman.
5.Playing in front of some the Stirling support- we are hoping for a good crowd.
6.Free 4 page programme with name and head shot in there of yourself.
7.Possible Photos of the game on Redweb and possibly being sold for you to buy as a keepsake.
8. The game being possibly being filmed and the potential to buy this at a later date.

This game will be played as close to what it would be like to play for the Binos. Opening bids for outfield positions are a minimum of 40, whilst bids for the two keepers positions will have a minumum of 35 starting bid.The more you bid, the more chance you will have of playing on the day. Bidding has now started for this game and bidding ends on Monday 3rd May at 9pm. No bids will be accepted after 9pm (ie. 9.01pm). If two bids on the deciding last place are the same, then the person who posted first will receive the place. Bidding will only be accepted in units of 's and not pence.

Bidding is also being accepted for the following:

Managers/assistant Managers-

1.Chance to do a team talk in the changing room/half time.
2.The responsibilty of changing players every x amount of minutes so that everyone gets an equal amount of time on the pitch. Not quite straight forward as you will need to do it, so that it doesn't hinder your team!
3.Free Programme with your name and headshot in there.
4. Again you will be photographed and video'd- TBC


1.Free entry (although a small donation would be nice)
2.Free programme
3.The chance to heckle the fans on the park.

You would be doing your bit to help raise funds for the supporters club by just turning up and adding to the experience. Hopefully players/ managers, etc will get friends and family along to watch them on the day to add to the support.


Companies can sponsor the game for 20. The company name will be read over the tannoy and be put in the programme. If you know of any business's that would be interested in this, then please post or get in contact with myself.


There is several other things you can bid for as well.

The bidding for a place in this game is available to fans of any team. Please check out this thread on the Stirling forum for more details-


To make a bid, post on this thread or e-mail me (mifthebino@msn.com)-

Still not convinced?

To view match highlights from last year, click the link below-


As long as you are over 16 and have no health problems, then we will welcome your bid. People have played with varying levels of skill and fitness as we have rolling subs- take a look at the highlights and you will see the varying ages and fitness levels.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully you will bid/come along to watch the game.

15-04-2010, 01:55 PM
Thanks to everyone who has bid so far. Bidding doesn't end till the 3rd May, so there is tsill time to bid and play in this game.

29-04-2010, 02:10 PM
Thanks for the bids to date.

The closing date for bids is this Monday night at 9pm.