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05-11-2009, 08:42 PM
Reading some of the threads here has led me to think what we'll be like after the match on Saturday.

Many posts about the 0-7 match and not a Jambo to be seen in any thread.

It makes me think that no one on here has ever been to see Hibs and especially a game at Tynecastle against Hearts. They're a gloomy affair with much pain and nerve-shredding and here we are digging up the 0-7 match and forgetting all the horrors that have been witnessed against them.

Remember everything here is written down and because we operate differently from those over at Kickback it'll be easy to see the Jambos crawling out of their holes and posting on almost every thread from the past week if things don't go our way. As someone has already pointed out (sorry, I saw it and not sure who it was): When was the last time we won 3 games in a row against Hearts? Especially with two of these games being played at Tynecastle.

Learn from history. Keep quiet and let's go out and totally destroy them on Saturday from the moment we wake up and from the moment we step foot into the Roseburn end.

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